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Guest Book

Here are just a few of the comments we've received from our guests:

Dave & Tami,
     Thanx for the hospitality!!  You were so helpful in all aspects of our visit.  The house is stunning as is the surrounding area.  I could not have asked for a better anniversary weekend. 
      What a beautiful place.  The entire cabin and grounds are perfect, and I truly appreciate you going out of your way to provide us with information on where to go and what to see.  We will definitely tell others to give this place a try if they are looking for a Get Away.

                                                                                                     Celeste and Eric, Coeur d' Alene, Idaho    June 2010                                                    
Dave and Tami,
     What a blessing you offer to those of us who are fortunate enough to stumble on to your web site while looking for a remote cabin to get away from the "hurried life".  I am from a rather remote place in Montana myself, but this place is wonderful.  The nights of sleep have been so recuperative too.  The air must be the freshest in the world, well it's one of God's favorite places to hang out.  His presences here is very tangible and real.  You have got not only a means of provision for yourselves, but a place of renewal for those you offer your hospitality to.  Thank you both for the best experience in the wilderness we have ever had.

                                                                                                     Vern and Debbie, Havre, Montana    May 2010

Dave and Tami,
     After 10 years of Yaak visits, we have truly found a home away from home!  The cabin is snug, beautifully appointed and stocked with every possible pot, blanket, etc, one could possibly need.  You told us that all we needed to bring were our personal belongings and food and boy were you right!  We had wonderful family meals; we slept so soundly with the Yaak lulling us, and wine on the deck enjoying the sun sets was stupendous!  We also want to thank you for your personal, warm hospitality and your frequent check-ins with us, and your quick responses to our questions; we could not have asked for more.  We look very much forward to frequent visits here in your hide away!!

                                                                                                     Gayle and Bill, Decatur, Georgia   May 2010

Dave & Tami,
     It's always so hectic to get organized and get out of town and then we arrive into such a cozy place and we go ahhhhhh....and I find myself thinking "3 nights just isn't long enough!"  You have created a wonderful get away; thank you for all the special homey touches.  And, isn't is something to look out a bedroom window early in the morning and see TREES, cedar hemlock, fir - covered with snow!  We loved exploring the ice covered river - our hearts jumping when we could feel ice give way.  Also loved fresh snow to track through, and our discovery of mountain lion tracks up the Spread Creek area.  Time for laughter, knitting, reading, rest; time with our families & our friends.  A perfect beginning for this new year.

                                                                                                     Paulette, Gary and Emma, Kalispell, Montana   January 2010

Dave and Tami,
     Words are not enough to begin to express our gratitude to you both for allowing us (and our "girls") to stay at your Hideaway.
     The comfort and coziness of the cabin, stocked with everything we could possibly need, the beauty of the surrounding forest and river, and your kindness in checking in to make sure we were OK.  You have been a God send and we truly appreciate you!  We love it here!  Time will tell if we will tell if we will be able to eventually make this area our home.  In the meantime, we hope to come back again to your spot of paradise.  We will keep in touch!  Thank You so much!

                                                                                                     Norann and Mike, Ventura, California   October 2009

     We loved every minute of our time in the Yaak!  No rainy days while we were here, which meant we go to explore many hiking trails in the area.  The Fish Lakes hike and Turner Falls was great - a well-maintained trail and not a lot of people!
     The cabin was everything we could hope for.  Sitting on the deck in the sun in the morning was glorious and in the evening we couldn't imagine a more comfortable or peaceful place to be.
  We finally saw a flying squirrel our last night - that was great!  This was our first visit to the Yaak, even though we've lived not far away for many years.  We will definitely plan to come back to this beautiful place.  Thanks for everything, Dave and Tami!
                                                                                                     Kitty, Kalispell, Montana   August 2009

     This is the best "cabin" we have ever stayed in.  IT IS MAGICAL!  We slept sooo well with the windows open.  Almost every meal we cooked was eaten on the porch, watching the sunset, listening to bird song, and enjoying the NW Montana forest..... and of course, the Yaak.  For a hiking family, this is a great place to go!  Between Ross Creek Cedars, wildflowers, snowy peaks and wildlife (Mama and baby moose, bighorn sheep, black bears, snowshoe hares) Montana seems to have it all!  We want to come back later when it's a little less snowy to try Leigh Lake & NW Peak.  Thanks for a great stay, Tami and Dave!
                                                                                                     Peter and Edith, Twin Cities, Minnesota    June 2009

     What a Great Place!! We thought when we arrived, home sweet home away from home. We had a wonderful time while we were here. Everything was perfect fresh outdoors, no neighbors and pure tranquility. A time I will never forget and will cherish always. The memories and adventures were outstanding. We had all kinds of visitors from the wild. I got to pet a flying squirrel. Fishing was a bit of a challenge in the surrounding lakes, but we found that the river right out in front of the cabin was the best!! But, my favorite time was when the bears came to visit!! Right at our back door and around the porch. What a great time. Dave and Tami, this place is the best. Thank you for such a great time and adventure.

                                                                                                     William and Emanuella, Quail Valley, California    September 2006

     What a peaceful, relaxing setting. The Hideaway is very comfortable and has everything we could have needed. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay & will definitely be back. We also enjoyed the flying squirrels and the big owl out front, but the Black Bears that came to the deck at night were the most exciting! Thanks so much for a wonderful escape. We're not looking forward to our return to traffic jams! I almost forgot, the starlit sky is unbelievable on a clear night.

                                                                                                     Chad & Wendi, Gig Harbor, Washington October 2006


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